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Plant the Perfect Terrarium

West Elm

west elm - terrarium 1

Plant the Perfect Terrarium with Putnam & Putnam

Michael and Darroch Putnam are not just partners in marriage, but partners in crime—the dynamic, inexhaustibly prolific duo behind one of New York City’s most in-demand floral boutiques: Putnam & Putnam. As much visionaries as they are wunderkinds, the couple’s work has graced the tables of some of the area’s most prestigious events and the pages of magazines like Vogue and W. Their success, while swift, is not particularly surprising: the two have an aesthetic that is adventurous and otherworldly—and the passion and vitality to match it.

West Elm recently partnered up with Putnam & Putnam to get advice on creating beautiful terrariums. Check out these 5 simple steps below!

1. Create a drainage basin for water—try ½” of pebbles under your potting soil.west elm - terrarium 3
2. To prevent root rod or mold, add ½” of activated charcoal atop the pebbles.west elm - terrarium 5
3. Pick your plantings strategically. Woodland greens need more water, while desert succulents require very little moisture.west elm - terrarium 4
4. Our favorite greens to use are maiden hair ferns, asparagus ferns, strawberry begonia, and tillandsia air plants.west elm - terrarium 2
5. If you want to incorporate flowers, we love miniature orchids, African violets, and begonias.

Don't forget, West Elm has plenty of resources to help you on your terrarium planting adventures.Happy Planting. Be sure to tag us on Instagram! We'd love to see your creations. 

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