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Dida Home's Tips For Finding The Perfect Accessory

November 27, 2017

dida home
David Miranda and Diana Uribe of Dida Home / Image Credit: Courtesy Dida Home

For David Miranda and Diana Uribe, the creative forces behind Miami-based interiors firm Dida Home, design is about telling a story—a story of the clients and their lifestyle. But Diana and David have a design story of their own. With a family in construction, Diana was wearing a hard hat at a very young age as she learned the ins and outs of interior architecture, lighting, plumbing, and everything that goes into a custom build. And with David’s family owning furniture stores in Ecuador, he grew up going to furniture markets, shops and mills. Today, they make the perfect designing pair.

Known for their organic modern aesthetic, they love to design around natural and nature-inspired elements and then mix them with man-made materials in order to evoke an elegant, cozy feel. They showed us how it's done first-hand by going to Crate&Barrel and West Elm at Gulfstream Park and creating vignettes that demonstrate how they choose their accessories. True to their design ethos, they headed straight for the planters, warm woods, and chic, muted palettes full of texture and life.

Check out their tips below.

Crate&Barrel Vignette by Dida Home
Image Credits: Vignettes and mood boards styled by Dida Home / Photos by Jesse Bratter

Q: Tell us about this vignette. Who do you imagine hanging out here?
This vignette was created with the very tropical, material focus that Crate&Barrel has. They craft custom pieces for clients in a wide variety of fabrics and styles. This was designed for a very laidback family with kids living close to the water and sun, with a lot of green since they love the outdoor lifestyle.

Q: What does adding plant life do for a room?
Plants gives life to a space! Not only do they attract good energy and evoke a great atmosphere, but you can also make a statement and establish a specific style. Plants can be tricky, though, as the variety is endless. You can use dry plants, like Malibu beachy cactus for a desert-like feel, or succulents for a more exotic vibe, or even make your very own Japanese garden. No matter your choice of greenery, you will surely enliven a space by adding it.

Crate and Barrrel Mood Board Dida Home

Q: What about the color palette appeals to you?
The color palette was very smooth; we focused our design on our clients’ soul and character. There was no need for a lot of color—just textures and pure feeling. Materials like wood, cashmere and knits created a natural, textured palette, with just a hint of dusky green in the throw and of course the greens in the plants.

Q: Talk about the art of mixing materials and what texture does for a space.
We are very big on textures; when a space has a variety of textures, the room instantly becomes cozier. But while we love mixing materials with different textures, we also like continuity. For example, we could combine teak wood floors with aged teak furniture and blend in accessories and accents in warm woods. To top it off, we’d bring in a piece of art made out of a raw piece of reclaimed teak wood, and boom!

West Elm Mood Board Dida Home

Q: You wanted to continue a similar-feeling story in West Elm. Can you elaborate on your creative process?
It’s easy to pick pretty things, but what’s harder is putting them together and making them look and feel good together. For us at Dida Home, the most important thing is to tell a story; the client and their lifestyle really tell the story, but we help to convey it. The story starts with a concept, then a mood board, and then we create a materials board. From then on, the process is easy.

west elm dida home styled vignette

Q: Who do you imagine using this office space?
A: In this particular vignette, we wanted to highlight our clients’ love for art, accessories and books, so having a library to showcase all of this was key here. West Elm does a great job with their organic accessories and art.

Q: What drew you to this particular chair?
We love the vintage retro look this chair had with a hint of modernism. It’s not only super comfortable, but we also love the detail of the leather wrapping the arms.

Q: Any tips for styling bookshelves that we can pull from this vignette?
Yes! First off, always combine textures and materials, and add some green to give life to a space. The more books you showcase, the merrier. (And you’ll look smart, too!) Never be afraid to add accents with color and, last but not least, don’t be afraid of change, so change your setup often! Always add different pieces—pieces that of course have a story. Make sure your library is full of stories to tell.

west elm dida home styled vignette

Visit Dida Home’s website to see more of their work, and look out for their gallery and studio opening in Midtown Miami this summer. Here's a sneak peek:

Dida Shop + Gallery
Rendering courtesy Dida Home

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