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Artist Spotlight: West Elm's Lolymar De Freitas

November 27, 2017

Lolymar de Freitas West Elm
Images by Kate Oakley / Adorned Photography

West Elm has garnered a reputation for its commitment to local artists and meaningful handcrafted goods. And not only do the objects and art they sell follow their artisanal philosophies, but the way they display them usually tells a story as well. Lolymar de Freitas, the lead visual stylist for West Elm at Gulfstream Park, exemplifies this, taking everyday materials and turning them into works of art. The Venezuelan artist is inspired by all things design, especially the mid-century modern era, making her visions the perfect fit for the boutique showroom. She sat down with us to wax poetic on the inspirations behind some of her most recent art installations at the Hallandale Beach store.

My inspiration for the pride window came from Riyo Tsuhata of Kamitopen. He is a Japanese designer who focuses on workplace offices. The idea of his work is based on colorful connections that create new ways of being interactive, like communicating through the pipelines. My idea with this installation was that we wanted to connect people with our Pride Window.

West Elm Pride Window

West Elm Pride

For this vignette, I looked to Brutalist architecture. Le Corbusier used raw concrete for his work. I chose to use Styrofoam to create the brick illusion, pulling inspiration from around my neighborhood.

West Elm Lake House Detail

West Elm Lake House


This installation is based off of designer and visual artist Vanessa Bouziges of Vanska from France. She learned to weave in Morocco and now she has a unique style of contemporary tapestry. Also, Margo Selby uses similar design techniques from Japanese and African textiles.

West Elm Vanska Loops Inspiration


My inspiration here comes from a Peruvian artist and writer named Jorge Eielson. He twists and stretches his material over the flat surface of the canvas, creating a physical object where both tension and serenity coexist. I wanted to show round shapes, a pop of color and artful energy.

West Elm Townhouse Upper Apart

West Elm Townhouse Upper Apart

I wanted to create a midcentury feel using wood and touches of brass. I was inspired by the Mexican Embassy in Brazil.

West Elm Loft Rosewood



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