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Mucho Macho Man Quotes

Jan 5, 2019
Trainer Jimmy Jerkens (Mihos): “He was resolute, that’s for sure. That’s kind of typical of him. The first two races, he kept coming. Even when he looked like he didn’t have the best of it, he gives himself a little breather and then comes again.”

“I thought it was unfolding OK. I thought there was going to be a lively pace and I pretty much pictured him sitting right where he was. We’ve just got to see what his reaction is to [taking] dirt one of these times. It was the weirdest thing. The first time he ran he got hit with a ton of it and he was down on the inside and he didn’t seem like he minded it at all. Then the second time it was awful, and this time he didn’t have much opportunity. You can’t sacrifice your position just to do that, but it’s something he’s going to have to get used to.  I think he will; he’s good about everything else.

“I don’t have a schedule really in my head as far as dates and things like that, but we’ll certainly look at all the usual spots down here. I wanted to get by this first and then figure it out.”

Jockey Jose Ortiz (Mihos): “We were a little wide the whole way. We had the outside post. Code of Honor was on my inside and I tried to make a move. I tried to run with him. I thought he was the horse to beat. I thought it would take a lot of speed to catch Trophy Chaser. At the 3/8ths-pole I was targeting Code of Honor because I thought he was the horse to beat. When we got to the 3/16ths, my horse switched leads a little late. Trophy Chaser got away from me a little bit, but when he changed leads and I hit left-handed and he gave me a great kick. He had a target in front of him and he kept coming. I felt like Trophy Chaser was backing up a little bit and getting tired.”

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