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Frisca Canela Dishes On The Perfect Mother's Day Brunch

April 25, 2018

Frisca Canela
Frisca Canela / Image by Kate Oakley / Adorned Photography 

Moms. They certainly endure a lot for us, don’t they? There’s the whole pregnancy-labor thing, of course. But then there’s a lifetime of homework, heartache and worry. (And happiness—lots of happiness!) So each year on the second Sunday of May when we especially celebrate all that they’ve done for us, what better way to show gratitude than through our tummies, with savory and sweet treats that delight the eyes and taste buds. We spent the day with Frisca Canela, assistant manager and culinary specialist at Williams Sonoma at Gulfstream Park, as she painted a picture for us of her own Mother’s Day Brunch, from menu to tablescapes to playlists and more. For everyone out there who has a mom, is a mom, will be a mom or has friends who are moms, read on for Frisca’s tips on creating an unforgettable and delectable fête. And click here for more information on Williams Sonoma’s Mother's Day Brunch technique class on April 29 starting at noon.

WS Mother's Day Brunch
Image by Kate Oakley / Adorned Photography 

Q: You’re throwing a fabulous Mother’s Day brunch. What’s on your menu? 
A: Quiche Lorraine // It’s a classic. It can also be any other type since quiche is so versatile. Or it would be a frittata. That’s a bit easier than a quiche because you don’t need to make a crust, but the rest of the ingredients are similar and just as versatile. French Toast Casserole // I like this because it can be made the day before and just baked the day of. Bagels // and lox with different flavored cream cheeses and an assortment of toppings like sliced tomatoes, red onions, capers and chopped eggs. Scones & Assorted Muffins // Cherries and cream scones and banana nut muffins are my favorite, especially because I usually add chocolate chips. Cranberry-Orange muffins are a close second. Mimosa Bar // with different fruit juices like peach, orange, pomegranate and strawberry puree, and fun fresh fruits like raspberries, pomegranate seeds, blackberries and gooseberries. Coffee & Tea // For obvious reasons.

WS Mother's Day Brunch Tea
Image by Kate Oakley / Adorned Photography 

Q: What kinds of cooking tools and appliances do you need to use for these?
A: You need a springform pan to release the quiche easily, a frittata pan (I use Calphalon or All-Clad), rubber spatulas, and different size bowls for prepping and mixing. Warming trays or chafing dishes would come in handy, and good, sharp, knives make life in the kitchen easy. And I love great cookbooks for inspiration. My go-to is Williams Sonoma Cooking at Home by Chuck Williams. It has more than 1,000 classic and modern recipes for every meal of the day and every occasion. This is where some of my menu items came from.

WS Cookbook
Images by Kate Oakley / Adorned Photography

Frisca Canela

Q: Do you prefer multi-courses or do you serve everything at once?
A: I always do buffet brunches. People can get up and eat what they want in the order they want. It lends to the image of a more communal gathering with guests interacting and having fun. You can set up the buffet and enjoy the party with your guests. I’d also include action bars like a waffle station making warm waffles to-order with fruit toppings. Yogurt bars are fun too.

Taylor Kiser
Image by Taylor Kiser

Karly Gomez
Image by Karly Gomez

Q: What’s your go-to brunch beverage?
A: I love a Mimosa or Bellini Bar, and I always include brut, Asti and non-alcoholic mixers for all to enjoy.

Q: What does your tabletop look like?
A: I like keeping it simple. A white tablecloth with colorful napkins for some pop. I don’t necessarily do big centerpieces—I feel it interferes with the interaction across the table. Simple tea light holders down the center is the most I would put on the tablescape. I’d have flowers at the Mimosa Bar and scatter them around the dining and living area.

Pottery Barn Tulips
Tulips at Pottery Barn / Image by Kate Oakley / Adorned Photography 

 What’s on your playlist?
A: I usually put Pandora on an ’80s station and add a little variety with ’90s R&B on low volume, not to compete with conversation, which to me is more important when gathering with family and friends.

Q: Can you tell me about Williams Sonoma’s Mother’s Day Brunch cooking class?
A: It’s at Williams Sonoma at Gulfstream Park on Sunday, April 29, at noon. We’ll be using the GreenPan Revolution Cookware to whip up perfectly cooked eggs, which we’ll pair with decadent waffles. Add in freshly brewed coffee or tea and that’s the beginning of a crowd-pleasing Mother’s Day brunch!

WS Cooking Class Eggs
Images by Kate Oakley / Adorned Photography 

WS Mother's Day Brunch Cooking Class

WS Cooking Class

WS Mother's Day Tea

WS Mother's Day Brunch Tea

CALL THE STORE TO RSVP | 954.454.9261

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