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10 Of The Most Insta-Worthy Places In South Florida

March 21, 2018

Lance Asper Fort Lauderdale Beach
Fort Lauderdale Beach / Photo by Lance Asper

South Florida: How do we love thee? Let us count the ways. But while we’re at it, we’ll want to crop it, swipe it and add a filter because all the ways are best illustrated through Instagram. We scoured social media for our favorite destinations that make us swoon … and that we want all of our friends to know we’ve visited, of course. So clear your schedule this weekend and let’s start the countdown!

Faena Miami Beach

We could produce an entire blog based solely on the Instagrammable moments at Faena Miami Beach. But Damien Hirst’s 9-foot gilded skeleton of a wooly mammoth, called Gone But Not Forgotten, is a good place to start. Photo via @mipgrant

Amanda Mann and Jungalow

Paloma Teppa has created a magical wonderland inside her Wynwood showroom by way of imaginative terrariums, lush living wall installations and verdant moss art, like this wall that Amanda Mann Instagrammed from during her Miami travels. Whimsical garden sculptures like the piggy planter Justina Blakeney snapped on one of her visits can be found roaming the courtyard. Photos via @adventurewith_a and Jungalow

1 Hotel South Beach

And if you head over to 1 Hotel South Beach, you’ll find Paloma’s work in action. She installed artistic greenery throughout the hotel including in-room botanicals, hanging orchids, a dried mushroom wall (yup), and this 20-by-30-foot mural of a swimmer made of live moss in the lobby. Photo via @1hotels

Justin Wirick and Robin De Jesus

While touring with the national company for Wicked, Justin Wirick took a break with fellow actor Robin De Jesus (a Tony nominee who has also appeared in Wicked and will be in The Boys in the Band on Broadway with Matt Bomer this summer) to join in on the #playlauderdale fun—an initiative by Fort Lauderdale Parks that encourages residents and visitors to explore and experience all that sunny South Florida has to offer. This giant Adirondack chair can be found perched on the Riverwalk waterfront, and there's another one on Fort Lauderdale Beach. Photo via

Worth Avenue


Strolling amidst Palm Beach's posh Worth Avenue, you can't help but feel transported. The vibrant pink and purple hydrangeas everywhere you look, the bougainvillea climbing the archways, the Addison Mizner architecture—it all lends to the sensation that you're suddenly somewhere far away exploring a quaint, romantic Mediterranean village. But most of all, that enchantment can be owed to the charming vias in-between the shops and restaurants, which hold a host of gems waiting to be discovered. 
Photo via @jessebratter

Perez Art Museum Miami

Perez Art Museum Miami is known for its famous hanging gardens, and until lately they held the reigns as the main eye candy of the building. But in 2016, the Juan Carlos Maldonado Art Collection announced the three-year loan of the late Venezuelan artist Jesús Rafael Soto's Penetrable BBL Bleu installation, an interactive kinetic sculpture made of a metal frame and PVC tubes that invites the viewer to become one with the art. And that's taken its place in the social media spotlight. 
Photo via @chrisdls

Wynwood Walls

The Wynwood Arts District in Miami has helped catapult street art into the mainstream, and the Wynwood Walls and Wynwood Doors especially feature world-class artists the likes of Brazilian painter Waleska Nomura, whose creations reflect a project she started in 2004 called Spreading the Love and Positive Energy to the World. You're sure to find plenty of Insta-worthy photo ops at every turn throughout this urban oasis. Photo courtesy Corin Angel

Wanderlust Chloe

Well, really the beach is actually the No. 1 attraction in Miami, right? The destination name immediately conjures the sandy shores, glistening ocean waters and swaying palm trees for which The Magic City is most universally loved. So as an ode to the beach, we especially wanted to highlight the artistic lifeguard stands you can find here. Originally designed 20 years ago by William Lane Architect, these stations have been revamped by the architect and other creatives to become bright and quirky focal points from South Pointe Park all the way up to 86th Street. (Chloe Gunning of Wanderlust Chloe found her way to this red-and-white-striped lighthouse-inspired stand overlooking the jetty at South Pointe Park.)
Photo via Wanderlust Chloe

Pegasus Statue Gulfstream Park

The architecture here is reminiscent of the Mediterranean, so with that comes fanciful archways and fountains, intricate balustrades and painterly Spanish-style tilework. But the pièce de résistance is the 110-foot-tall bronze statue of the mythological winged Pegasus defeating a dragon—the quintessential ode to Gulfstream Park, as it's home to the Pegasus World Cup. 
Photo by Kate Oakley / Adorned Photography

The Brickellista at the Museum of Ice Cream

But the crown for most Instagrammable place in Miami—the cherry on top if you’ll pardon the pun—is hands down the Museum of Ice Cream. We’d be remiss if we didn’t include it on this list before it leaves us at the end of April, since most everyone goes to visit the museum with the explicit intention of Instagramming. After all, if you don’t snap a photo of yourself in a colorful pool of 10 million sprinkles and post it on Instagram, did you even go? Just ask Evelyn Torres of the popular Brickell-based lifestyle blog Brickellista Files, and check out this
post to read more about the experiential exhibition. Photo via @brickellista

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